Select mesh edge rows?

I split the overall mesh in Modo since the edge selection tools are superb. But is there some similiar approach in Rhino for Meshes when e.g. you select 2 edges in one continuous row? Thanks for your advice!

No I don’t think so, Rhino doesn’t have edge loop or edge ring selection options for polygonal meshes. I think these are mainly useful on quad models which get a subdivision surface modifier. Rhino may support something like this once the sub-d project gets more attention but right now Rhino is more geared to working with the random tri meshes you’d get from scan data.

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@BrianJ this would be awesome and Rhino the clear powerhouse for product design. As approaches like Tsplines and Claydoo are very limited. Thanks for chiming in!

Hi @hannesgrebin – after about 3 years :slight_smile:

There’s now a SelEdgeLoop command in Rhino 7. It should work for this case.
You can then run Crease to duplicate vertices and create a crease if you need.

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Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

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Hi, thanks for the update. Is there an equivalent to the SelEdgeLoop function in RhinoCommon? Trying to incorporate it into a C# function…