Mesh SelU/SelV - Mesh selection tools select loop ring or connected verticies

Does anyone know how to perform this kind of selections in rhino? Maybe someone has very useful script to do that ? :slight_smile:

Bump - i need this again - anybody ? @Holo did u made maybe any loop tools or something? i need to select u and v pts on mesh :frowning:

No, I have not.
Too busy working all the time :frowning:
Can you share an image of an example of what you have and what you need?
Maybe a workaround can be suggested.

Thing is meshes don’t have U and V directinos, so I guess the picked edge needs to look at the intersections in the end vertex and pick the next edge that is the closest directional match IF the angle is within a given limit, and do this in both directions, until a naked edge is met, or a loop is created. And IF the initial selected edge is a naked edge, then continue to select only naked edges. So quite a few “if’s”. But shouldn’t be too difficult.
So it will probably happen IF I either need it my self or IF someone pays me :wink:
I presume it would take me a couple of days to get a descent tool up and running.

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If you use Rhino WIP (7) you can try SelEdgeLoop and SelEdgeRing on meshes. Check MeshUtilities plug-in in plug-in manager for all available mesh tools.


Nice, look forward to have time to test out the WIP. (after the summer)

@Holo thanks for respond - i had to edit uv’s on awfuly long road with few turns so starting from standard srf mapping was the best but i needed to fix what sweep2 gave me i used profile like /------\ but i found i can do cageedit by line with few cpts and it was enough here. i never have time to write own tools i have always tight deadlines :frowning:

@nathanletwory thanks for sugestion but i didn’t fully switched to v6 so far - i’m waiting for render engine

The tools are in WIP, i.e. v7-to-be. Just as a teaser, it looks like this:


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@nathanletwory looks gr8 - i get it’s in v7 wip but i wanted to tell that i’m not even fully on v6 and for sure i won’t test v7 for rather longer period of time :slight_smile: Btw. i hope uv mapping tools also will get decent extension in v7