Seeming Bug- (two finger) Tumble gets stuck on Zoom sometimes

Seeming Bug- (two finger) Tumble gets stuck on Zoom sometimes… Questions, let me know.

I don’t understand. What is happening? Can you please provide steps to reproduce the issue?

I’ve been having this happen to me too. It just happens suddenly or when my laptop goes to sleep and wakes back up to an open session. I’m using a MacBook Pro with M1.

Basically the two finger scrolling motion that usually allows you to pan or orbit just turns into zoom - the exact same as when you hold option + two fingers on trackpad. The only remedy I’ve found is to close and reopen my session, then it goes back to normal.

Reported and tracked here: RH-71088 Two-finger gesture rotate stops working (perspective view)

@Internet_Blue do you have any other programs running in the background when this happens and/or multiple modeling windows Rhino open?

Yeah - here’s a screenshot of all my open programs

The zoom issue happens both while I have multiple Rhino windows open and while there’s only one.

Do you know how close you all are to fixing this bug?

It just happened to me again while jumping over to a browser tab and then back to Rhino and I had to quit and reopen and lost my whole undo-chain.