Rhino 7.19 for Mac TrackPad Two-Finger Rotate Not Working!

Hello. I have Rhino 7.19 for Mac (M1 Max chip, running Monterey 12.3.1). My problem is when I use two fingers on my trackpad rhino zooms in/out, as opposed to rotating the view which is what normally happens and is what I have checked in trackpad settings (Rhino Preferences//Trackpad// “use two fingers to pan and rotate views”).

I have updated rhino to the latest version and restarted my computer. When that didn’t work I did a hard restart and reset my RAM. Still nothing. This happens periodically (every few weeks) then mysteriously the problem will go away for a while.

This is extremely annoying as it slows me down probably to 10% the speed I could work otherwise. Any help or even a work-around would be greatly appreciated!

i noticed that happening very recently either, i don’t usually use the trackpad but i was on my way and had to look up a view details on the laptop when this suddenly happened while having worked just a few moments before.

I am also having this issue. I save and close file, quit and restart Rhino then trackpad works as normal. I recently upgraded from Rhino 5 on 2014 Mac mini to Rhino 7 on M1 MacBook. Seems to happen randomly; trackpad behavior changes both on startup or after I’ve been working on a file for some time. Haven’t noticed a pattern when it glitches yet.

nobody wants to fix this? i thankfully dont use the trackpad very often, only when i am on the way and have to work on a file during relocating, which happens currently more frequent so i am pretty bothered…

the problem occurs always when Rhino remains open for a while switching applications, i cant really pin down when but it always happens after some time, i mean each single time. saving and restarting the app is the only way to get it to normal. nobody interested in this hick up?

i have updated to 7.23.22282.13002, 2022-10-09, far beyond the OP’s version the problem remains.

PS: i use cmd Tab a lot to switch apps.

edit: also the rotation speed is not setable at all. it seems independend from the mouse setting and messing around with the system settings does also not show any effect.

We can’t fix it until we can repeat it.
If you or anyone else can come up with a sequence of events that makes it happen, we can maybe catch it and fix it if it’s a Rhino thing, or work-around it if it’s a macOS thing.

you cant repeat anything when you ignore a 5 month old bug report not asking any questions at all. people cant suck the answers out their noses all by themselves.

you are getting money for that (i hope for you) i am not getting anything other than a few phlegmatic responses.

but no i am not asking whats in it for me, i just want Rhino to be a normal working tool… cant be that hard can it?

Please help us figure this out but coming up with a sequence that is likely to cause the problem.

i am way too busy to take over your part of work. i stated all i am aware of above.

For me the two-finger rotate stops working, meaning the two-finger brush to rotate. When I close the laptop lid then open it back up after a moment I have to properly press with two fingers to get the rotate.

I agree it is extremely annoying.

I’ll type up a report: RH-71088 Two-finger gesture rotate stops working (perspective view)

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nice, thanks @nathanletwory i had this hunch and wanted to try it later, happy you found it already.

For those of you experiencing this Trackpad issue, can you please update to macOS Ventura 13.3 (which came out a couple days ago). It’s looking like this bug may have been fixed at the macOS level.