Seeking help for Grasshopper Breakpoint Issue

Hello, I have just installed the RH6 evaluation today and when i opened GH it appears a window as the image shows.

I searched online and seems it is some 32/64 bit problem?

Could anyone help me to solve it. Thank you

The SPM.gha plug-in you have is either corrupt or indeed is specific to a bit-depth other than Rhino. Your only option is to get rid of that plugin. If you don’t know where it came from, you can search your hard-drives for SPM.gha and delete it (or rename the extension) manually.

Thank you David. It is working fine after i delet the SPM…

It was really a shock when i saw the entire GH UI blank because of this. I haven’t update plug-ins for a quite while…

Again thank you for your reply… it works!!

Hmm, that is disconcerting, a failed plugin shouldn’t have messed with the rest of the UI. I guess you don’t still have it available? I’d like to see it for myself.

sorry for late reply. Actually i always keep a backup for my libraries. So here is this file and have a look.SPM.gha (45.4 KB)