Grasshopper breakpoint after updating to Rhino 6

I’m trying to open a GH file for a gridbased illuminance analysis. It was created using Rhino 5, and it worked correctly, so far.
I’ve recently upgraded my license to Rhino 6, I’ve updated Ladybug and Honeybee components to the latest versions.
Today I’ve tried to open this file. It opens correctly, but after some seconds this alert shows:

Just that file? It seems to be having an issue with tooltip display, can you make sure the mouse is not over the canvas when you open the file, and then see if it still pops up that error?

Hello David, thanks for the reply!

I’ve opened today this same file and no breakpoint was displayed. Yesterday I had another file opened at the same time. Maybe that was the issue?

After my upgrade to Rhino 6, I’ve noticed that the analysis on this file is taking a longer time to run, when compared to Rhino 5. I’m not sure why.