R8 SRC 8.8.24135 broke most of my GH plug-ins

Just a heads up.

R8 SRC 8.8.24135 rendered most of my Grasshopper plug-ins completely broken (unrecognized objects). Never had this issue before while updating to a SRC.

Clipper, Crane, Jellyfish, NGon, and some other I don´t recall at the moment… I stopped checking the other installed plug-ins as it was too much at this point.

Hello @kossatz,

I’m sorry to hear that, really appreciate the heads up.

Did this happen when you opened grasshopper, opened a script, edited a script, ran a script? And if it’s the latter, would you be able to share one of those scripts either here or privately?

Can you post your SystemInfo as well? That’d help a bunch

– cs

Me too - has broken all of my GH plugins needed for my Rhino Plugin - I’m now trying to rebuild all the installs.

Not so happy guys, I hope my clients don’t run into this issue.


Hi @CallumSykes,

It happened while opening the scripts. For study purposes, I have dedicated script folders for each plug-in installed and sometimes I open a bunch of them just to keep fresh. This is how I found out that this issue was happening to a lot of plug-ins.

I´ll send you my system info privately.

I feel your pain. I spent the whole day troubleshooting the issue in order to at least have it like it was before SRC 8.8. Not even running system restore solved my problem to get things back on track. Luckily, I had and old Grasshopper folder backup and I had to go from there re-installing and eventually replacing one by one.

Thank you @kossatz, are you also able to send one of your scripts that causes a failure?

this is also linked, from a similar thread: 8.8.24135.14001, 2024-05-14 has broken my plugin - #11 by inno

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We think we understand the bug and are working on a fix. I’ll send out a link to an updated Rhino 8.8 once we have one that can be tested.


My plugin also has critical problems. Rhinos close without reporting a problem. This happens when I load an GH algorithm. Then I close it and start the algorithm again, but with a different GH algorithm. !
macOS with the same update has no such problem.

public class ggCommand89 : Command
        public GH_RhinoScriptInterface gh = new GH_RhinoScriptInterface();
        public ggCommand89() => Instance = this;
        public static ggCommand89 Instance { get; private set; }
        public override string EnglishName => "GG_Support_Method";

        protected override Result RunCommand(RhinoDoc doc, RunMode mode)
            if (!gh.IsEditorLoaded())
                gh.DisableBanner(); gh.LoadEditor(); gh.ShowEditor(); gh.HideEditor();

            string filePath = GG_Utils.GetNameCom() + "food4rhino/icon/GG_Support_Method.gh";

            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(filePath) || !System.IO.File.Exists(filePath)) return Result.Cancel;
            var ghDoc = Instances.DocumentServer.AddDocument(filePath, true);
            return Result.Success;

We will hopefully publish a 8.8 release candidate today that will fix these issues.

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As Steve mentioned, this ought to be fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 8 Release Candidate 2. Please give it a try.

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