Grasshopper Breakpoint Error - Mac

Hi there,

I am not entirely sure how this problem arose but it has caused GH to be completely unusable. Any suggestions on how I got about fixing it?

Hi @user2476,

This is probably because you installed a plugin that was designed only for Windows. In particular, these types of errors happen with the assembly/plugin is obfuscated, which uses certain hacks that only work with the .NET Framework on Windows… There is unfortunately nothing we can do to make these work on Mac from our end.

To get things working again I would recommend loading Grasshopper one plugin at a time to find the culprit via the GrasshopperLoadOneByOne command. After you’ve found the offending plugin, you can then delete it to get grasshopper back in a working state. The dialog that pops up should show the full path to the plugin which you can copy then open in Finder with Go > Go To Folder.

Hope this helps!

UPDATE: Solved

I managed to figure out what was wrong with the plugins. I had wrongly placed the plug-ins within the GH Libraries folder, I had all of the components of each plug-in folder floating within the libraries folder. By going to,

Grasshopper > File > Special Folders > Components Folder > Libraries

What I should have done was make a dedicated folder for containing the data of each separate plug-in. After I had done this, the plug-ins loaded when I opened up grasshopper without a crash or error.
The image attached was my fix for loading the plug-ins and GH successfully.

Hope that helps anyone else with a similar problem to me!

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