Section Tools: Placement of Clipping Drawing

Hi @nsgma Thank you for providing the detail. It is often hard to address many issues in one thread, and it is can be more productive to split them into multiple posts.
I’ll try to address the points you raised one at a time.

In the future, you are welcome to send your model directly to look into the issue.
There are many settings and workflows associated with clipping and sectioning in V8, and in general,

it will help if you can isolate a small example with a description of the steps and command settings so we can duplicate at our end.

Yes, you should be able to addd (manually if you choose). I suppose you can add sublayer with the additional drawing data just not this will not dynamically update. Is that what you are asking?

I would be interested to see the file. You are saying that the same sections were “live”, then they became dead after closing, then opening the file? Or did it happen after editing the model. Again, for files you cannot share publicly, please send directly to us through support. Please include you SystemInfo.

It is painful when work is lost, and I want to be able to understand the problems as they arise. We will appreciate your time to help us reproduce any issues so we can fix them.