Vector Output - a wish

Hi Wim,
an update on some of the problems above.
I don’t know why but all the sections and plans that I have done last week became dead, meaning I can’t update them and I cannot edit them. That is why when I tried to use them for the sphere file, the were not updating.
I have redone the problematic section described above and this time is correct. It is also the only drawing that updates, a.k.a. is not dead.
I had to delete the previous sections layers by hand, because when I deleted the clipping planes the sections were still there.

Then I redid all the sections carefully placing them in known points related to the 0,0,0 coordinate.

What I have described and you suggested above is simply very difficult to do. The insertion point of each drawing is not the 0,0,0 is the centroid of the resulting drawing.
WHY !!! if the scene changes, grows or shrinks, it will be simply impossible to match new plans or sections to the previous ones. It also make matching rendered views and dynamic section simple guess work (another reminder for placing sections in different CPlanes).

I ended up redoing the whole drawing set by initially selecting only a sphere with the center at 0,0,0.
Along the way the names of the sections stopped updating - a couple updated to the new name the others stayed with the original name.
Then I added the rest of the geometry to the clipping planes. Adding the geometry to the planes made me suspect that the computer was going to explode… but it worked and the names got updated.
Another annoying thing the Section lines are proportional to the selected geometry so my section lines were miniscule. and I had to scale them all one by one, in order to see them.

The sphere trick worked fairly well but…

It is completely maddening!!!
… and honestly this is unworkable in medium to large scale projects and extremely annoying in small scale projects.

Please fix this or tell me how can I approach this in a better way.