Vector Output - a wish

Hi @wim ,
I was trying to reply your comment above and planning to start another thread on that subject, while adding a few more issues.
In doing so, I found some puzzling things.

I have a group of clipping planes that is giving me a few issues on a project. Since I cannot post that model publicly, I decided to delete the geometry in question just keeping the clipping planes and add the sphere model above…

  1. It took me a while to understand that the new geometry needs to be added to the clipping planes set. This is a bit odd because when you are modelling any new geometry needs to be added to the existing clipping planes, which is a bit annoying.
    Is there a toggling setting for this?

To be honest the point above does not affect the bulk of our workflow because in documenting a project we’ll normally have the model(s) referenced as block(s) in a layout specific file. The way Rhino handled blocks historically, however, has not made this a easy route to take (still testing this in R8).

  1. After adding the new geometry to the clipping planes, I tried to update the existing drawings with UpdateClippingDrawings. I can’t really figure out what happened, but all but one drawing remained unchanged, i.e. the drawings show the geometry of my original project although the geometry is not in this model any longer (all the layers and blocks are purged).
    Strangely, the one section/drawing that was updated, has some remnants of a few elements from the previous geometry and it was the one clipping plane that was giving me trouble on the other model (see 3. below).
    I already closed down Rhino and updated to the latest version (they are coming fast).

  2. Since I cannot put my original model here, I’ll describe the problem that is hard to replicate. I have a model referenced inside my R8 File, where I created a series of plans and sections (ClippingPlanes and ClippingSections). All worked fine except one section, that looks as if instead of being a Right CPlane section (perpendicular to World Top) seems slightly rotated around the Y axis, which makes the section wrong. I made all the sections and plans in one go and, although unlikely, I thought I made a mistake in setting that section. Therefore, I’ve redone it a couple of times but always with the same result.

  3. Going back to ‘what’s going on with that picture’ above, there are several things.

    (1) The hatches on the two larger spheres are present in the drawings (left) but not on the clipping viewport (right).
    (2) the ‘elevation’ (background) lines of some of the smaller spheres disappear on the drawing (2a & 2b), they should be visible as in the Technical View of the model (2a’ & 2b’).
    (3) the ‘elevation’ (background) lines visible of one of the smaller spheres, ignore the intersection and is a perfect circle in the drawing (3a) and correctly displayed in the technical drawing view (3a’). Other intersections also do not show (3b/3b’)

Curiously, the three points above are very noticeable comparing the two images below. The elements on the left are the drawing, the elements on the right are the model in Technical View.
In the first image the ClippingPlane is not active on the Top view, in the second the ClippingPlane is active in the view. In theory on the second image the two should be the same.