Section Style (Hatch)

I would like to create a solid section style, but I can’t find “hatch” (for exaple solid) and “hatch colour” (for example black) paramiters in the list of new section styles… any suggestion?

Hi @lucavsnt

Do you mean a solid “Section” or a “Section View” style?
In the first case, you have the option to fill the section arrow with a solid hatch pattern, under the Geometry tab, in the Section styles dialog (vaSectionStyles). The color of the fill is determined by the color of the section (under the Attributes tab).

If you meant the SectionView style, you can assign a specific hatch pattern and color to a style from the styles dialog (vaSectionViewStyles). This pattern will override the section attributes of objects that appear in the Section View:

PD: This works like this from the 2.1.3 version that we will publish this week.

Ok, I wait the 2.1.3 version. I meant the SectionView style, but now with the italian version I have some problems to do what I would about hatch sections…

@lucavsnt the 2.1.3 version is already available. VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.1.3 released
You can use it to assign a hatch pattern to section style views, that will override the section attributes per-object in section views.