In Layout documentation: How to change hatch/pattern in section walls?

Hello, maybe this is so simple but I am struggling with that.
I can’t change the pattern of section walls in plan view, in the layout page.
You can see in the example that the scale of pattern is pretty big. How can I make it smaller or at least all grey? I can do some changes but I don’t see them in the final layout page!
Please can someone help me or show me the right way to do that?


Hello. You could try toggling hatch scaling in options. To change the color, I usually transfer the hatch to a separate layer (I create it in advance with the name “hatch”) and assign any of the gray colors to this layer. Here’s a simple macro that I’m using.


I happen to be trying to get my plan views looking the way I want at the same time as you. I’m having a bit of trouble (I did figure out the sections).

What I’ve found with plan views is that the objects ‘section attributes’ are taking precedence over ALL the settings in the plan view’s style. If I edit the section attributes of this cube I’m able to modify the appearance of the hatch, linework, etc… This kind of sucks as I’m wondering why my plan view style settings aren’t taking effect like they do when I create sections. It might be a short-term solution however.

Note that I’ve selected the actual 3D object and am modifying it’s section attributes not the actual vaPlanView.

Hi @aleksandrasantoemma,

Where are you changing the section attributes? You should use the wall-styles editor.
If there is a problem with the hatch scaling, please, send us the model to so we can take a look.



Yes! This worked for me now! I was able to see the pattern correctly. Thank you very much!

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Thank you all! @keithscadservices and @enric I’m not sure about all the rest yet because I am starting to do layouts and I still have to find the right way form me. I hope I can ask again here if I’ll have more doubts. Thank you very much!