Section interferes with shadows in the Conceptual view mode

Rhino 6.29.20210.4411

I’ve set the Conceptual display mode to show shadows. After playing a bit with it I noticed that toggling section interferes with how shadows are displayed (even if the section is placed in a position where it doesn’t cut anything).

Section Off

Section On

Conceptual shadows settings

Hi @Czaja,

Actually, the bug is the first screenshot, as it seems VisualARQ is not taking into account the “Shadows ignore user defined clipping planes”. I think plan section and sections are both “user defined”, so when this option is enabled, shadows will render as if section was not enabled.

We’ll let you know when we fix this issue.


Actually, the bug is the first screenshot

Yes, I agree, I put them in order that may suggest otherwise. :wink:

Anyway, these view modes look very nice, so eliminating the last bugs would make them really great.


Hi @Czaja,

I’ve been trying to fix this issue, and I almost fixed it, but there is a problem with shadows and the section slices. The problem is that if I don’t disable the clipping plane, then the computed shadow map, and the ambient occlusion, affect the slices, and the result is not looking good. It seems like if there were no slices at all.

The problem is that there is no Rhino SDK function to disable shadow map when drawing meshes, so I contacted McNeel asking for a new SDK function. They will probably add those methods, so I guess in 1 or 2 months there will be VisualARQ version with this issue fixed.



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This time it is about Level Cut Plane - If it should be in a different topic, please split it, I didn’t want to bloat the forum too much.

Trying to wrap my head around how Shadows and Level Cut Planes currently work.

Why I am returning to this topic?

  1. Because Revit can’t do it.

  2. Unreal Engine is not a very friendly environment when it comes to cutting stuff. I managed to do it, but only in Runtime, not in the Editor. Anyway, it’s a very long way to just cut some stuff. Also forget about section plane attributes and all that. I could fake all that but at a horrendous cost compared to VA.

  3. Rhino and VA Display Modes can produce great-looking 3D view results. Far better than Revit.

  4. There are some inconsistencies in how it works.

  5. Because 3D/2D Plans with correct, easily achievable and good-looking shadows are a holy grail for me.

I thought I know the logic behind this shadow & Level Cut Plane phenomenon. But in the later videos, you will see that it is not consistent.

Realistic Mode with Shadows ignore user-defined clipping planes = true

Rhino 7.11.21271 and VisualARQ

File: va display.3dm (3.9 MB)

A) This might be expected because of some technical reasons (but of course undesirable). When many objects are being actively cut by the same Level Cut Plane, they alter shadows of other objects)

B) Shadow flickers when I use mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.
Shadow of one object is changing because I selected another object.

C) This one proves wrong point A.
Two walls are being cut by the same Level Section Plane but only one wall shadow is affected by toggling Level Cut Plane and one shadow is staying as expected (unaffected by toggling LCP)

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Hello @Czaja,

I have been testing all these issues.

I see there is a problem again with the “ignore user defined clipping planes” toggle although it looks like it is working fine when other objects are hidden… I’ll report this issue again.

Both problems look like they are caused by the issue in A). I’ll add it to the report.

Hi @Czaja,

I’ve fixed all display issues shown on your videos. I couldn’t include it in VisualARQ 2.11, because they required many changes, and those changes must be tested extensively before making them public.

I can send you an installer to the latest build of VisualARQ 2.12, so you can try it. Although this version is not public, it should work fine, and any document saved with VisualARQ 2.12 will be correctly opened in 2.11. If you prefer to wait, I expect VisualARQ 2.12 to be published before the end of the year.



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Hi @Czaja, we have just released a new version of VisualARQ (2.12) which fixes this error you reported.

You can check here the news of the new version: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.12 released


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Hi, “Shadow ignore user defined clipping planes” seems to not work well with plan projection.
Here you can see differences in Perspective Viewport and Plan View - both use Realistic display mode.

shadow problem.3dm (3.6 MB)

Hi @Czaja,

I see the problem, I am reporting it to find a solution.

Piggy backing on this thread, is it possible to have the Conceptual view style also print as a vector drawing? I am not sure how to make this happen without overlaying a hidden line drawings over top, which I honestly never do because of the redundancy and the large pdf file sizes that have a raster sheet creates.

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Hi @arcus,

I am not sure about this… we would be mixing raster and vector. For now, we are suggesting this workflow: 2D Vector Drawing with lighting in Rhino - YouTube

Gotcha, yea that is the workflow I was familiar with. I assume it must be a native rhino thing of printing either vector or raster but not both in the same view style.

Hi @Czaja,

We have just released a new version of VisualARQ (2.13.1) which fixes this error you reported about shadows in plan projection.

You can check here the news of this new version:

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