Section fills when printed get weird

I am working on some details and there is a problem with section filling. On the screen it looks fine, but when printed it goes weird, as on attached pictures. The display mode is the hidden view, altered a bit (with the original is the same problem). Solid fills are completely gone, hatch fills are broken. The objects are solids. I know the problems with printing to a PDF format, but maybe this one could be connected to the Open GL presentation?
Rhino screen:

PDF document:

Regards, Jaro

Hi Jaro,
Can you send that model to We can check if we experience the same problems and find a solution.
What VisualARQ version are you running?

I have just sent a file. The version is the latest,
Thank you!

Well, yes… now it works fine with the wireframe mode, maybe I have just messed something changing the hidden mode? Nevertheless, thank you, Francesc!

Got the file! Make sure the display mode inside details is “Hidden”. Then it should work fine.

The more, now I know what was the problem: I have set the “shade objects” option and it messed with the proper display of hatch. Thank you, Francesc!