Hidden Display Mode Printing as Wireframe

Emailing the project to AsuniTechSupport…
Interface Print Display:

PdfResult (Rhinopdf - Cutepdf has same result):

Hi @djhg

Yes, this is a known bug with one of the VisualARQ 2.11 Release Candidate versions that I sent you last week. I’ve just send you a PM with the latest version that should work fine.


With this latest version, this project crashes every time I invoke a print, which I will have to do tomorrow. I’m sending a link to the project.

To rescue the project I am working for the moment without the Vwall on that page which displays with a hatched fill, which i had set in four detail windows to ‘setobjdisplaymode’ to Ghosted without curves and with 80% transparency. The file prints without that wall.