Scroll Zoom won't stop

Using the scroll wheel to zoom in either direction will sometimes cause fast zooming which does not stop when the scroll wheel is stopped or reversed. Sometimes esc or RMB will stop it after a while.

This has been happening this week with increasiing frequency and is now up to about once every half hour.

When this happens, scroll zoom works fine if I launch Sketchup but when flipping back to Rhino the issue is still there. It happens with two of my three mice. Closing and restarting Rhino will usually fix it.

Microsoft mouse?
Or which brand?

If these are Logitech mice, then it is the Logitech driver software, which is pretty buggy. I have had this happen on several computers. Usually calling up the driver and then just canceling it fixes it for me.


I have a logitech mouse, and I have this problem if I have clicked on a window other than my Rhino window and then proceed to zoom in rhino. Something to do with the way logitech handles mouse scroll over windows that are not currently the window you are in.

Thanks Helva and Ryan.

the two with the zoom issue are in fact logitech wireless mice. One is the dreaded Revolution Mouse the many issues of which i initially associated this problem with and which I just keep as an emergency standby (and yes, launching set point tends to smooth its performance a bit) but the other has been faithful for years on an old xp machine.

I have been using a microsoft usb mouse on Rhino but it began freezing up in Rhino a few times an hour for about 30 seconds until it decides to start working again. Not sure if it’s an issue with any other apps, or bluetooth though. Took that mouse back to be tested.

Just a shot in the dark, but is the camera icon on? I often find that the camera will continue moving after I have stopped giving it input if I have the camera showing.


May have happened inadvertently, Sam. I haven’t explored the Camera yet. Having difficulty finding out where to look for that camera icon, as a matter of fact.

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Camera.