Scripts stopped working since installing Rhino7WIP

I am not sure if it is related but a series of Rhino scripts which I use for more than 15 years, have suddenly stopped working since I installed Rhino7WIP. They do not work on eirther Rhino 6 or Rhino 7WIP.

This is what I get:

Command: lm
Command: -LoadScript
Blocking plug-in RhinoScript.
Unknown command: -LoadScript

What happened to the LoadScript command?
In Options >> Plug-ins, RhinoScript was effectively ticked off, but even after ticking it on it does not work.
Any ideas?

@brian @pascal
Seems there is still a problem that the latest WiP didn’t fix…

@norbert_geelen @Jarek (and @brian @pascal)
Thanks, I had not seen the other thread.
Do I need to reinstall Rhino 6 then? or is the hope that one of the iterations of Rhino 7WIP will also fix Rhino 6?
Thanks, N

Just use the repair option in the installer.
No need to reinstall.

Cheers, Norbert

thanks. it worked.

Hi Norbert - the fix is in the V6 release candidate.


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