Scriptable Rotate around CPlane Z-Axis

I started writing a macro that toggles the view rotation between “Around World Axes” and “Rotate around CPlane Z-Axis”, but the latter doesn’t seem to be available when calling -options from the command line.

-Options View Rotate AroundWorldAxes=Yes Enter Enter Enter

I checked the documention and this doesn’t seem to be possible using rhinocommon either.

At one stage there was a test command

Also, when calling the macro, there are lots command line options it passes through and the command line flashes alot. Is there a similar function to “disable redraw” but for the command line?

Hi Alasdair - you can suppress the command line flash by putting ~ at the start:


The options are still there but do not print.
You can also use NoEcho to stop the command line feedback during a command.

The CPlane axis option does need to be added - thanks.


Nice one, thanks :grinning:

Does that suppress for an entire macro, or only the command it appears before?

~BoundingBox _output _solids _Enter
~BoundingBox ~_output ~_solids ~_Enter

The first one…


RH-45754 is fixed in the latest WIP