Wish: Mirror to include World XYZ axis options in the Command line

It would be really helpful if 3 more options are included in the Command line for the “Mirror” tool, that would allow mirroring the selection along the World coordinates no matter which is the active CPlane at the moment. Usually I have to mirror objects mostly along the World Y-axis (especially on car projects and furniture) while I work on a CPlane, because I want to have the same stuff mirrored at the opposite side. This is where having dedicated Command line “buttons” (clickable text) would help a lot, as they would let the user make a mirror along the World coordinate system with a single mouse click while the active CPlane remains unchanged.
I’m aware that commands like '_CPlane _World _Top and _CPlane _Undo exist, as well as that they could be set as a macro (I use the one listed below), but it would be much more natural to have the mirror option in the Command line while the actual “Mirror” tool is being used.
However, some Rhino users may not like the addition of there 3 extra “buttons” since they may press the wrong one by accident thinking that they click on the CPlane axis, so maybe these could be added as an optional visual element instead (like, the user checks a tickbox in the Rhino options whether these 3 should be visible or not)? Or maybe replace the “WorldXAxis”, “WorldYAxis” and “WorldZAxis” with a simple clickable toggle between “World” and “CPlane” that will refer to the existing 3 options called “XAxis”, YAxis" and “ZAxis”?

'_CPlane _World _Top _Pause _Mirror _Pause _YAxis _CPlane _Undo

dear @Rhino_Bulgaria

why are you unhappy with the macro-solution ?
an alternative macro would be
_mirror _pause _3Point w0 wr0,1,0 wr0,0,1
and of course you can do an alias to this macro “mwy” “mwx” “mwz”

I think the amount of commands and options in rhino should be carefully expanded. I would appreciate some concepts to reduce the amount - not to increase. And i think as an advanced user macros are great to implement personal workflows.
So i would argue: something that can be done by a macro, (or a simple workflow) should not lead to a more complex command / options - structure.
This is why not support your initial idea - sorry:

My beginner-students already suffer with the existing commands and options:

anyhow, your topic reminds my to an older idea i forgot to share / wish … i will post an extra topic: tnamend transformations as this might also solve your / this wish.

kind regards -tom

I simply don’t use aliases. Just like the majority of Rhino users who prefer using the icons instead. :slight_smile: If you and your students feel like advanced users and prefer to use aliases, then that’s great and you don’t need to worry about the number of icons and Command line options. :slight_smile: Not sure why your students are complaining regarding the “complexity” of Rhino. One of the biggest strengths of Rhino is that it suits many industries and has a good amount of options. I would rather have more options that actually do the job in more occasions, than a reduced set of options that feel lacking and can’t do the job or require to figure out a lot of workaround tricks.

To answer your question, I don’t like to use my macro, because I had to add it to a separate icon. My “Mirror” icon does the regular “Mirror” with the LMB and the “Mirror 3D” with the RMB. I use both of them al the time, so obviously I can’t get rid of the RMB’s “Mirror 3D” to replace it with the macro. :slight_smile: This is why I suggested to just add the “WorldYAxis” option in the command line, as well as the “WorldXAxis” and “WorldZAxis” and note that I specifically mentioned that it would be best if it’s optional to the Rhino users, because some of them may not need these additions while others do.

Was gonna post essentially the same thing - I’m with Bobi on this one. Adding Cplane options to the CLI of Symmetry is one of those things that seems small but really saves time. And - it keeps users from “dumb thumbing” their snaps onto something that might be close to the mirror axis, but not right on it (say when Near is enabled). Pretty please?

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