Name of command to change rotation mode from world axes to relative to view?

I want to make a macro button to switch between these rotation modes. But I don’t know the name of the commands.

Hi @simon9, you can access this setting with a macro to set it to view or world, but there is no option for toggle. To enable view this can be used:

! _-Options _View _Rotate _AroundWorldAxes=No _EnterEnd

to enable world this:

! _-Options _View _Rotate _AroundWorldAxes=Yes _EnterEnd

To make a single toggle, a python script could be used which probably can be extended so it makes the views z-axis vertical after you’ve reverted the setting from view to world:

import Rhino

def ToggleViewAxisRotationMode():
    mode = Rhino.ApplicationSettings.ViewSettings.RotateToView
    Rhino.ApplicationSettings.ViewSettings.RotateToView = not mode
if __name__ == "__main__":


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Hi Clement,

Thanks for the help. I’ll just bind these macro’s to ctrl+alt+home and crtl+alt+end for now. I’m unfamiliar with python script and how to use it in Rhino.

Btw is there a list with commands somewhere on the internet?


This will toggle between:

! _-Options _View _Rotate _AroundWorldAxes _EnterEnd