Option to set camera view to rotate around C-plane Z axis?

Apparently this option can not be done with a cmd macro because to quote “Sorry, those are the only view manipulation tools I’m aware of in Rhino.” - John Brock [Technical Support]
In theory its a matrix transformation … but perhaps the Basic API will not support this ie “no view manipulations” seem to be available.
So the question is can this be done by customizing with VB.NET, C#, C++, Rhino or Python script.

Currently people may or not be aware the camera rotation is only around the Z axis of the World Coordinate (WC) system. Restated: The camera view can not be rotated around a user defined Construction Plane (CP).

When the std Rhino viewports perpendicular/ 90% or 180% to the WC are use to view an objects front, back, bottom faces and (the users) right or Left sided view the change in the viewport also changes the Construction Plane (CP). So the +Z value mapped in the user’s minds eye after perhaps lengthy mental considerations is changed to a ±X, ±Y or a - Z values dependent upon std viewport selected. Accordingly macro cmds can be use to create saved name vp’s to change this behavior so the CP does not change with the change in basic views including four perspective views. So the +Z value mapped in the user’s minds eye does not need to be revised avoiding human error in the translation.

With simple models and 90% or 180% mental mapping translations is not a great problem It is not polite and inconsiderate to the user requiring only a slight demand of a users mental resources at the very least. Also this can be fix with the creation micro cmds.
With large complex models /w massive cellular undulating surfaces have various parts not perpendicular to the WC. The interface as is /w out the option to change the view rotation around the active CP becomes wildly disruptive demanding so much of a users mental resources requiring constant mind numbing feats of geometric remapping in the minds eye rendering the interface unusable/broken for such applications.

Funding / payment might become available to create an :smile: -
"Option to set the camera to rotate around a C-plane Z axis
or X or Y or Z of C-plane
or X or Y or Z of World"
quoted suggestion by Justin

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Would using the “Turntable” command work? When you escape out of the command it keeps the “new” view. I don’t think its quite what you are after but maybe it gets you closer?