Script for wood pattern


Please am looking for script for something like in the picture am looking forward for your reply

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A) How to ask effective questions
B) Maybe use that degree in robotics and digital fabrication.


Sorry what do you mean Andres with to use the degree in robotics and digital fabrication ?

you can try something like that (or 3d voronoi) and find a way to ripple the result

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thank you

Looks like a ball milled surface texture. Do you want to create the surface in 3D or generate the toolpaths for fabrication?

It looks like CNC milled to me as well.
In this case you would need to program paths for the tool instead modeling the thing in 3D. I have been doing similar project years ago. Please have a look

3D panel Texture :slight_smile:

I build now the boolen tool to cut from the wood plate but my problem is how to generate the pattern between the boolens i want to achieve this pattern

it is a bit unclear what do you want , but i think you should have a look at magnetic fields or use the flowL plugin!