CNC patterns

how to create this kind of design patterns in rhino grasshopper.
thank you

anyone knows how to create this kind of pattern.hope so Voronoi and some trimmed curves

These vague “how do I make this is grasshopper” questions don’t get much response because it’s exhausting and lazy, this isn’t a “do my homework for me” group. What have you tried? Post what you’ve tried.

i tried but i cant find a way befrank…finally i traced those curves from that image …soon i ll post what i am trying now…thank you

There are many ways of doing things like this.

You can either try and create the toolpath curves that a ball nose cutter would follow to machine this surface or you can try and create the surface and machine it with a straightforward horizontal or vertical pass that just follows the surface.

It looks like your example has been machined with a left to right machining operation.

It reminds me of a few examples…
Describe this force field type pattern please

Need some help to create chisel wood textures in grasshopper

thank you I will try those … get back to you soon