Dear All,

Because here is a big community for people similar to my interest area and similar skills. I wanna ask what is the expecation salary in EU for someone who had experience in CAD and CAM, I am holding masters in robotics and digital fabrication from ETH Zurich and I had 2 years experience.

I am looking forward to hear from you

Sadly the “EU” has no homogenous economy. There is a difference for each country. You’ll need to be more precise regarding profession, company size and location. You won’t get money for CAD/CAM but also for being engineer, architect etc. Architects in Europe are rather underpaid.


Hello TomTom,

Why do you think architects are underpaid in Europe? Do you believe there´s too little demand for this profession or is it lacking of essential skills which are needed in today´s market and people don´t possess them?

Also, is there a promising view of master´s degree graduates in the EU? I ask this because I´ve seen several master programmes on several universities, but they rarely mention career prospects and such, so I was wondering if you had a clearer view of the aftermath of gaining a master´s degree

I have dozens of friends being and working as architect, I know roughly what they earn. We speak about money. There is some consensus. Its hard for architects, but its getting better.
Why? I don’t know, I have ideas: The way architects earn money (competition system, honorary based, to much to do for the money), small company sizes, many architects not selling them well, unsuited education (to much design), many narcissistic personalities,

You should change your point of view. A master degree is not a right on a good career, nor a justification to get well paid. A master degrees opens doors, often its a requirement, but nothing more. I have studied to get my full potential, but I don’t expect anything from it other then the ability to make better decisions and to learn efficient.

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Thanks for your insights TomTom, I think theyre very valuable. Can I ask whats your professional background? I have a Licentiate in Architecture degree from the University of Costa Rica.

I mean, for me its just saying more compition, which is no offense. But its a problem that there such big gap between eu economies, in my opinion.

Because Architecture takes much too long for the amount of money it makes, and that’s if the project doesn’t end up cancelled after already doing years of work. Small percents of that small amount trickles down to employees. (and that’s not because of greed but architecture in general is expensive between consulting fees, legal fees, licenses, approvals, office space, software licenses, etc) Architecture’s a rich persons sport :smiley:


Working as an architect isn’t only about money. I have worked in several countries. If you want to be treated like human being - choose Scandinavia.



Hi Piotr,
can you make a list of countries where you worked? Just out of curiosity :slight_smile:

USA (distant cooperation on several projects)
some duplicated in between :slight_smile:
I have changed country of residence 7 times within 12 years. Gained experience but lost wife.


I am sorry to hear that. I guess that moving so many time is not for everybody.
I am in UK and I get the feeling that I am getting squeezed really hard here.
Could you list the places you worked in from best (being Sweden as you said) to worst? If you have the time of course :slight_smile:
Many thanks!

That list would be personal and unfair. I’m sure you can find great places to work wherever you go.
I like working in Sweden for it’s lack of seniors, associates, directors and other titles and a good life balance (working 9 to 5).

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