Script Error

I just downloaded the latest R6 update and got this message. What do I do?Capture

Hi @dmoyes,

Try repairing your Rhino installation via Control Panel > Programs and Features.

– Dale

Will do. Thanks!

Did the repair. Now I get this!! Details window says this version of the plugin is not compatible with the current version of Rhino

The solution is provided here:

This happens when your computer had a “RhinoWIP” folder on it that was used for the V6 development cycle, that is still sticking around when the same folder name is used for the next RhinoWIP for V7.

If the old WIP had been removed or deleted after V6 was released, or if the computer or drive were replaced, then the problem could not happen.
This is why not everyone runs into the problem.

@John_Brock, is it clear already why uninstalling just the RhinoWIP is not enough to stop this issue?

It’s not clear to me why uninstalling both is needed. My guess is @brian would know as he builds the installers, but he’s on his summer break.
Either way, having a simple fix is good to know.

Everytime I start the installer or launch Rhino after auto-update I get certificate issue:


What does View Certificate give you?

I’ll tell you on the next update :smiley: