Scratch Disk

Hi, I have 2 hard drives on my computer. The smaller one (200GB) is a solid state and i have intalled my main programs on that drive including Rhino. However I keep running out of scratch disk space. Is there a way that I can change my scratch disk settings in rhino to the other drive (1TB)? Or would I have to re-install rhino on the other drive?



Windows manages virtual memory, it has nothing to do with Rhino. There are Windows settings for it, but how much RAM do you have? If have a good enough system to have an SSD you should have 16 or 32 GB of RAM and have virtual memory be virtually irrelevant(and if you are using it all up there’s a bug somewhere.)

Thanks for your response. I was asking because Adobe allows you to switch it around very easily and it solved my issues in Photoshop. And yes. I have 16GB of ram… Ok. I will look into see what is eating it all up.

Thanks for the fast reply.


Rhino does not use “scratch disks”, it will use pretty much all the RAM in the machine before Windows starts paging to disk to try to provide more virtual memory - something you really don’t want to do because your computer will likely freeze at that point anyway. If you have 16G RAM, that’s pretty good, you need to have positively HUGE files before you eat all that up. Yes, I would definitely see what’s consuming your memory.


Thanks. I do have a huge file…and with low tolerance. I decided to use
a desktop instead for the larger operations. Thanks tho!