Memory used by Rhino5

Hello everyone,

I’m having big problems with Rhino handling file sizes above 20 MB. I’m using Windows 10 corporate.
Rhino Version 5 SR14 64-bit (5.14.522.8390, 5/22/2017)

The geometry (one single surface with shape of a panel) is 100% OK, tho I have multiplied it 50 times (nothing scary for Rhino when I do so from my OLD laptop). Why is Rhino running out of memory if only 30% is being used? Why I feel Rhino mixing the memory problem with topology of 3D geometry?

My PC is extremely powerful (see the attached Dell Precisin Optimize Analysis Report with the specs).

Any help and hints are much appreciated!
Thank you

100% legal windows

But this is crazy!

Even on my laptop at home I use legal version of Rhino! I work for big company in Paris and all software (including Rhino is 100% legal!). Few month ago I needed the serial number and I emailed Pascal with my data - he forwarded to me straight

My apologies for mis-understanding your post. I deleted my previous posts.

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for sure

No problem David, thanks for trying to help.

People who know about these things tend to ask you to post your _SystemInfo at this point…

Rhino 5 does not have the SystemInfo command. It was added in Rhino 6.

I can’t tell if you’re running 32-bit V5 or 64-bit V5.
This would have a HUGE bearing on how much memory is available to Rhino.
Run the About command and read the detail above the large “Rhinoceros”.

Another cause of unexpected large memory usage are “Bad” objects.
If you run SelBadObjects does anything highlight?

sure I’m on 64 bits.
It is simplified geometry multiplied with rectangular array. I haven’t check for bad object because the crash happened…