Problem with Ram

Hello everyone ,
Im using Rhino SR9 and im running it in windows 8.1 with a pc that has 16 RAM but it is only uses up to 2 RAM and when i am using a big file it has a very slow performace and sometimes it even crashes. The problem is that when i am running the same project at a friends compute who has windows 7 but same rhino version it performes much faster and uses all her RAM (even though she has 4 RAM )
Please help my rhino is performing very slow and the pc is very strong
I even tryed formating the drive in windows 7 but still is performing slow and still not using all of my RAM (is there anychance that there is a problem that i have also SSD intel 128)???

This is not a Windows 8.x problem, I have two computers, one running 8.0 and 32 Gb of RAM the other with 8.1 and 16 Gb, and I can use it all with Rhino. Never actually hit the ceiling with the 32 Gb machine, but I did with 16.

Have you run a check to see if your RAM is in good condition and configured correctly? Perhaps also a mainboard problem, I’m not enough of a hardware expert to be able to diagnose such things…


Are you using the 64-bit version on both machines? It sounds like the windows 8 machine runs the 32-bit version.

Ah, good call on that one… Although in my experience the 32 bit version can still use up to about 3.6 Gb when running on a on a 64 bit system. So, maybe check if the Windows 8 is 64 bit as well?


It was the first thing I checked and ufortunately it is in both 64-bit
And I also sent it to a of expert to check everything and he didn’t find any problem
He was the one that proposed to check running it in windows 7 because he found absolutely no problem in anything
Also he checked that all the drivers were updated

I would suggest swapping out the RAM then to test if it’s a hardware issue. If the issue doesn’t exist on other machines with the same version of Rhino, that points toward a hardware difference between the machines or potentially a difference in what plugins are loaded. You can try running Rhino in safe mode too as a test without loading third party plugins.