Scaling Tool - Not scaling from starting / reference point

Hey gang,

I might be hallucinating, but is there a reason when scaling, the starting/reference point does not stay fixed ? By default it should, but for some reason the file I’m working with doesn’t do so.

Any recommendations?

Scaling from fixed point not working

Scaling from fixed point working (default )

working.3dm (3.4 MB)

Hi Liam - I am not sure I understand what you are describing - the issue is in the Scale comand, correct?
Can you give me a step by step description?


Hey @pascal

Sorry I forgot to mention, I’m only using the “scale” command on both examples. By default, when u execute the scale command, you’d pick the first point, the second point and your geometry will scale with the First point as the fixed reference.

I am looking to do the same thing in this file I’ve shared. However for some reason, when I follow the same steps to scale it, the geometry is scaled without a fixed reference.

Im trying to understand why that is the case.

Hi Liam -

That’s not something I can reproduce with your file here.
2024-04-10 - Scale


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It looks to me that the issue is not the first point but the second reference point.
If you have Center Osnap turned on the second point may be the middle of the rectangle not where you tried to pick on an edge

On second thought it looks these are your pick points:

Point 1 is remaining fixed.

Sorry, I meant to write Point 1 is not remaining fixed.
But I think the reason for that is that you are using the rigid=yes option?

3rd edit:
I guess that is probably what the rigid option is designed to do. It scales the center point of the object and then moves it to that point. Seems like the feedback should indicate that is what its doing.

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Hm - Also, it looks like Rigid=Yes is identical to ScalePositions… which seems … weird.


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HI @wim @jim @pascal

im not sure how by default the Rigid was set to No, but once i flipped it backto Yes, it works like usual.

Appreciate this gang.