Scaling Issue

I am trying to scale this model from 1:1 to 1:200 but when I do it warps the form to this

Screenshots are useless for this sort of problem.

Please post the 3dm and the specific steps you are using so we can try to duplicate the problem.


ECSU MP_Base Map_22020322-2.3dm (6.5 MB)

Steps: Scale

I use 1’ polyline as the base point and reference line for the measurement, then I type 1/200".

I’m not getting odd results like you described, but I’m not sure I understand the end results you’re trying to get.

I used the Distance command on the edge of a polysurface and it was about 72’ long. After the scaling, it’s 3/8".
Since you’re modeling in Feet, at that scale factor and tolerance you’re going to run into accuracy problems.

What problem are you trying to solve with these steps?

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I am simply trying to scale the 1:1 model down to 1:200, but when I scale it from a refence line of 1 feet it morphs the form. What I just did that helped was make the polysurfaces into meshes and increase the polygons.

You’re making it way too complicated.

  1. Type SelAll
  2. Type Scale
  3. For a base point, type 0
  4. For the scale factor, type 1/200
  5. Type ZEA
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Thank you.

Hello John,

Thank you. I believe you just demonstrated- and taught me- a nice alternative way to scale 3D.

So assuming that you are doing the steps you indicated on 3D objects then the scaleing result is the same as using:

selecting the 3D objects you want to scale then: Transform>Scale>Scale 3D>Base point. Press Enter for automatic>Scale factor or first reference point> and you enter your Scale Factor then enter

The only difference in result is that if you type 0 for your base point vs Press Enter for Automatic the resultant scaled object moves when you type in 0 whereas if you Press enter for automatic the object scales in place. Is this correct ?

Thank you,


Generally that’s true.
I tend to model near the coordinate origin so I use 0 as my base point when I know the specific scale factor I want.

If I have an object of some random length, then I select one end as the Base, the other end as the reference, then type the length I want those two points to be when scaled. Rhino is calculating the scale factor for me.

Most people don’t understand the prompt, “Base point OR first reference point”

where do you see the prompt “base point or first reference point”?


You maybe meant the next step “scale factor or first reference point”?