Scale using reference points doesnt match length

I wish at times to scale one item so that the first reference point selected matches to the second.

In the attached example I need to scale the orange side view of a lathe cutter photo trace to the purple plan view so both are same length.

I set origin as C, I select A as first ref point then click on B and the result is not same length but a bit short.

If I instead select C then hold shift and hit tab to force a perfect up/down move and select A then moving mouse downward watching it shrink click on B again A does not end up at same length as B.

scale using ref points.3dm (25.9 KB)


Hi Steve - see if this is what you need…? (use Shift/Ortho and Tab direction lock on both picks)
scale using ref pointsScaled.3dm (40.4 KB)