Scale and array along curve

I would like to take a box and do array curve. and as it arrays i would like to keep the same distance between objects but I would like to scale the box object down as it arrays along curve.


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Hello- see -


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thanks Pascal. This is costly and I cannot seem to get the trial to run. Command armadillo doing nothing. and i’m pretty sure I only have 10 tries… :woozy_face:

i guess i shall try in the WIP in the morning…

Hi Zale,

the trial limitation is by number of items and paths to array, not runs of the plugin.
You can PM me if you run into any problems with it or need help to make it work.


also, I have seen this before: if you type Armadillo and nothing runs, check if your RhinoScript plugin is loaded (From Tools - Options - Plugins). There are issues with WIP and Rhino6 installed together, sometimes RhinoScript plugin gets disabled.

maybe this helps:

try my script. just modify it in a way to add scaling according to position on a curve bloknabodykukrivke.3dm (194.4 KB) (15.1 KB)

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First, @ivan.galik - thank you.

Still have not needed grasshopper yet. so have not gotten into it yet. Can you give me a walkthrough if i have one box and want to array along curve and have equal spacing but scale as I go along?

also getting this error when drag and drop


Hi Jarek this would be a great purchase if I could trial it and have it work for my needs. We often use this type of thing and it’s often necessary to do manually but having a starting point to tweak is awesome and it looks like it can do a group of objects which would be amazing… let me get set up and i’ll pm you thank you

rhino up to date and plugin looks good to me?


Hi Zale, find a plugin called RhinoScript in the list and see if it is loaded; if you run Armadillo and nothing happens chances are your script engine plugin did not load (see my answer above). Can you try running any other RhinoScript file to see of that works?


or paste this into command line to test:
_-Runscript (Rhino.Print "Hello")

if RhinoScript engine works, it should print “Hello” to command line.

thank you. It was unchecked. I HAVE been having problems with other scripts. But when i do runscript it does nothing even after checking it…

Did you try restarting Rhino? I recall having WIP installed sometimes caused the plugin to be corrupted (RhinoScript engine). Can you go to Apps & Features and try “Repair” on Rhino install? That can fix it.
@Pascal, any ideas how to fix the RhinoScript plugin? I think I saw this issue before but can’t find it in the Discourse now…

ok yes it’s enabled, but not loaded? will restart. also it says the plugin is up to date when i go to the link… let me see thanks Jarek

Hello - does EditScript run? and if you run a script from that window, does it run? Here;s a test to copy/paste into the editor.

Call Main()
Sub Main()
	Rhino.MessageBox "What-ho"
End Sub


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Got it to work… thanks pascal & jarek. now seeing how this armadillos going to work for me… excited

Jarek, it’s working… will this work on blocks? and output new blocks since they will now be at different sizes?

Hi Zale, great - glad you made it work; and yes, it works on blocks (each item that you distribute can be a block, several blocks, or just a bunch of various objects…). It will create copies of the same block instance, not new block definitions; they will be trasfrormed/scaled based on your array parameters. Usually this is an advantage, so later on you can go and edit your original block, and all will update.


you need elefront plugin just to load a block into grasshopper. it is hard to explain step by step. the point is that you have got points aong curve and the block is copied to each defined point and rotated so that it points perpendicular to the reference curve.

probably watch some videos about grasshopper. try to make something in it to get clue about it.

then it will be easy to modify my script to get what you need. just doubleclick the “cluster” and see the guts what each nodes do.