Incremental scaling along a curve?

Is there any way to incrementally scale an object along a curve? I don’t want to have to buy something to do it.



Hi Paul,

How about a flow from a straight line onto a curves line with history enabled and option stretch=yes.
See example file.FlowHistory.3dm (120.8 KB)


I understood maybe an array of increasingly or decreasing sized objects… not sure what @PaulS meant. There is Armadillo, but I don’t think it is a freebie -


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Yes. An array…thanks:-)

Hi Paul, Pascal,

Yes, Armadillo is not a freebie (Trial is limited to 10 curves and 10 items per path curve) but there is an earlier version of it, called ArrayCrvPLUS - free, and should do what you need. You can get it from here:



Perfect! Thanks so much!


Sounds like you found something that’ll work for you already but here’s a Grasshopper def I made a couple years ago that can help. It has control for curves on surfaces too for object alignment. (10.7 KB)

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New to this forum.
Has there been update to this request? I too would like to scale an circle or other closed curve between two curves. Similar to “array copy along a curve” but scaled relative to the distance to another curve… Any ideas?

Hello - the Armadillo plug-in may be what you’re looking for:


Is there nothing native to Rhino I can use? I am on a budget here.

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Thanks this is super helpful