Array an object on a curve while scaling it from one size to another

Would someone be able to help me/point me in the right direction to be able to array an object on a curve while scaling it from one size to another.

Ive got as far as the array part at all the same size.


On the Rhino screen shot you can see the two models im trying to scale between.


Upload your code.

But all you need to to is scale with the output of the scale spitting out a series of numbers, one for each object. Or use a graph mapper to massage the numbers to change the scale distribution.

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thank you very much this has been very helpful for me to understand how the commands work, would there be away to use bounding boxes so that you could tell it to work out the sizes that way? So instead of sliders you have two objects to use as a starting point and end point as reference?

Another idea: reference to grasshopper “unitary objects” (i made up the name just now).
For example, for a shape like in your first pic, if you create it on rhino to be exactly of radius 1mm and height 1mm, any scale factor (or NUscale) you use will be translated into final radius and height.

Something like this? Scales the starting shape (the sphere) to the size of square A then scales along curve so that final sphere shape is the size of square B.

scale (124.5 KB)