Scaled Linear Array Possible?

I’m anticipating a question from my jewelry design students involving the Linear Array command. Is there a way to do this and have each component scale as it arrays? Example being that you want to create an array of gems down a ring shank that taper from 4 mm to 2 mm in diameter in steps of .5 mm.

Or is this isn’t currently available can we build it into the array command?
Thanks in advance for the response!
Gary D

Hi Gary - not in plain Rhino but this tool should help -


Thanks Pascal! I downloaded it and got it to work (sort of) on first try but note that links to email and website on the Armadillo page in Food4Rhino don’t work. I managed to get to the website through the flatworms page.
I’m guessing that once handy with Grasshopper, that might work too?

Hi Gary,

First, thanks for trying Armadillo, hope you find it useful. I checked the links on Food4Rhino and here all looked like it is working; I re-linked everything just in case. Let me know if you have time to try it again.

As for Grasshopper - it is definitely a good tool for such task as well, and generally very powerful parametric modeling engine. The idea with Armadillo plugin was to make it simple and no-setup solution for parametric arrays only, where each scenario covered, even if you are Grasshopper power-user, could take much more setup time to make it work.


Hi Jarek,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I did find it fairly intuitive even with no guide (at first) from which to work. Once I get a little more familiar with it I’ll start recommending to my students.

Funny about the links, for some reason the website link is still not working for me on my laptop or phone. License link works and email sends me to email app ok.

Hi Gary, thanks for checking. All works here, so my only guess is somehow your system doesn’t like the long domain names which I see every now and then (.gallery). But looks like you were able to find the website/instruction.
Let me know if you have any questions or feedback, either here on via the plugin support email - I will be happy to help.