Saving a view to scale


Hopefully someone can assist me. I am trying to save a number of plan and elevational views to scale 1/100 for final printing at A3 size.
The print command allows me to print at a specified scale, but it does not allow me to save the image such that I can add additional notes in Photoshop for example.
This there to save a view at a specified scale or do I need to use view capture to file then manually rescale the image in Photoshop?
The print command has a print to file box but does not allow for any file formats compatible with Photoshop.
The viewcapturetofile doesn’t seem to allow nominating saving the image at a specified scale.


Nigel Gough

Hi Nigel,

in the print dialog first drop down, you can choose to print to an image file,
is that what you need?


If you use the dash version of -_ViewCaptureToFile (with the “-” in front), you will have command line options to set the resolution width/height in pixels…


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If you have a PDF printer software, then you can print to PDF at a specified scale. Depending on your scale you have drawn at in the actual layout, select the paper size and 1:1 scale and you should be able to open Photoshop at 1:1.

Brilliant thanks so much for the help