ViewCaptureToFile ScaleThickness?



Hi Everyone,

So what is this option actually supposed to do? It is not documented, and I see no difference with this checked on or off capturing different sizes of screenshots.

I was hoping and assuming from the name that the lines/edges thickesses will be adjusted accordingly to the capture size. @Pascal, any ideas ?




(Gustavo Fontana) #2

That’s what I thought too. I still need that feature. Some day? To the pile?

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Jarek - I think that is what is supposed to happen… checking…

@rajaa - I see no difference at all, so far, with the Scale Thickness setting on and off in ViewcaptureTo* … what is supposed to happen? I feel like I once knew but it’s not coming to me…


(Rajaa Issa) #4

Hi all, sorry for coming in late.
Yes, Scale drawing thickness is intended to adjust thickness when changing view size. I can see that it is not working as intended. I filed a bug here…


Hi @Rajaa, thanks for checking.
The YT item view is not permitted…
This would be a very useful feature - hope you can get it back working soon !


(Rajaa Issa) #6

It is now.


One more question: in -ViewCaptureToFile command there are ‘Scale’ and ‘ScaleDrawing’ options.
Is it correct to assume that ScaleDrawing is the one that would scale line thicknesses ?
In that case, what does Scale do? (seems like this one is not on UI dialog version)



(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #8

It scales the final resolution. Given a resolution of 300x300 a Scale of 2 will give you 600x600.


Got it, thanks Nathan~

(Kelvin Cheng) #10

The Scale option is there for a long time. It’s also in your screen capture. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Rajaa,

the ability to scale line thicknesses while capturing view would be one of the top V6 features for us, if it worked.
I see it is not slated for any upcoming SR fix… Any chance this new feature could be given some love sooner than later ?

thank you,


(Rajaa Issa) #12

@stevebaer scheduled it for 6.x, so hopefully he can get to it in SR time frame.