ViewCaptureToFile ScaleThickness?

Hi Everyone,

So what is this option actually supposed to do? It is not documented, and I see no difference with this checked on or off capturing different sizes of screenshots.

I was hoping and assuming from the name that the lines/edges thickesses will be adjusted accordingly to the capture size. @Pascal, any ideas ?




That’s what I thought too. I still need that feature. Some day? To the pile?

Hi Jarek - I think that is what is supposed to happen… checking…

@rajaa - I see no difference at all, so far, with the Scale Thickness setting on and off in ViewcaptureTo* … what is supposed to happen? I feel like I once knew but it’s not coming to me…


Hi all, sorry for coming in late.
Yes, Scale drawing thickness is intended to adjust thickness when changing view size. I can see that it is not working as intended. I filed a bug here…

Hi @Rajaa, thanks for checking.
The YT item view is not permitted…
This would be a very useful feature - hope you can get it back working soon !


It is now.

One more question: in -ViewCaptureToFile command there are ‘Scale’ and ‘ScaleDrawing’ options.
Is it correct to assume that ScaleDrawing is the one that would scale line thicknesses ?
In that case, what does Scale do? (seems like this one is not on UI dialog version)



It scales the final resolution. Given a resolution of 300x300 a Scale of 2 will give you 600x600.

Got it, thanks Nathan~

The Scale option is there for a long time. It’s also in your screen capture. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Rajaa,

the ability to scale line thicknesses while capturing view would be one of the top V6 features for us, if it worked.
I see it is not slated for any upcoming SR fix… Any chance this new feature could be given some love sooner than later ?

thank you,


@stevebaer scheduled it for 6.x, so hopefully he can get to it in SR time frame.

It is 2019 August now and this ScaleDrawing is still not in documentation.

Hi Victor - the functionality was taken out of the commands because it wasn’t working correctly in all situations. The option (“Scale drawing thickness”) was removed from the dialog boxes for these commands but was mistakenly left as the ScaleDrawing option in the command-line version of these commands. I filed a bug report - RH-54217 - to remove this option.
Thank you for reporting.

Got it.

Hello, any update with the scale drawing option? This worked in Rh5. Using '-viewcapturetofile" command user were able to change the scale of the capture and line in the same time.Too bad this option is not working in Rh6.

Hi -

The feature request to have a working version of this is in RH-45482, which currently is on the Future list.

well, that’s a bad news as I believe it will break the worklow of many people. I use this functionnallity since a long time with thousands of capture and never had any issue. You could just keep this functionnality with a user warning that this functionnality is WIP in Rhino 6. But completly remove it doesn’t make sense.

Hi - I’ve added your comment to the issue tracker.

Hi Wim, my collegue and I second Tosiho19’s request. When it comes to graphic workflows i.e. for enlarged technical illustrations for exhibition purposes, everyone would strongly appreciate this feature.
We do - at least and we know quite some others who would do so as well.
I find the ‘warning’-proposal is something I/we could live with.
Or you could alternatively implement it into the WIP-version of Rhino.

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