Need more quality on drawed images

Hello everyone,

I’v been stucked with this problem of not having enought quality on the drawings that are generated in rhino views, such as conceptual and hidden. I know that the views arent mean for this reason, but I would like to know if its there any way to deliver better images without having to render it? A similar image of an architectural drawing I can do it, but its always very pixalated, even if I increase the values of of widht and height on -viewtofile command. Please I need a little help.


Example image below:

Yes you can.
Use “-ViewCaptureToFile” and set the scale to 4. Then open it in an image editor (like XnView) and downsize it. It will look awesome.

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Could you explain what you mean by ‘set the scale to 4’? Not sure where that is.

Make sure to use the dash in front of the command. This will give you options on the command line.

Thanks for the reply. Gives me a new option for printing images.