Save textures Issue

I have a problem with Rhino 6 Save Textures.
At my work I need sometimes to copy the objects from an old project to a new one. When I export an object with Save Textures checked, I get the file with the textures in it, and when I open it, the textures are automatically transported into the new folder “…_embedded_files”. The problem is that the materials in the file instead of redirecting the textures adress to this new folder continue to use the old address of the textures.
The projects are often located on different servers and if the textures are not on the same server with the model, it makes Rhino work much slower.

Hi Andrew - I believe what happens is the textures fall back to the Embedded files folder if the actual path fails - if the path is valid to begin with then it uses that. I see what you’re getting at and I do not know how to help, off hand.
@andy - do you have an idea? Can we make a ‘RedirectAllTextures’?


Hi Pascal,

thanks for your reply.
It would be really great to get a possibility to redirect the textures with one command.

  • Andrew