Proper embeddment of pictures?!?

How to force rhino to save all textures in the embedded files folder?

Right now, pictures which are found locally keep the path from different locations and those which are not found locally are saved/taken from embedded files folder. I need ALL PICTURES no matter if they are found locally to be saved (and subsequently taken from) in that folder. How can i do that?

I opened a file from my other pc. All pictures (10 of them) are opened correctly and some of them are not found on the same path on my other pc but only those others which are not found locally are saved in the folder. Right now i cannot export dwg which would only reference pictures from designated folder … instead the paths are local. Actually the problem is that natively export to dwg treats paths absolute instead of relative…

These are the things which SHOULD be optional in export schemes.

idiotic solution is that i deleted all the local copies anywhere so that i forced rhino to save all images in the embedded file folder. this has to be doable normal way

SaveAs with Save Textures checked ???|Alphabetical|S|_____2
SaveTextures - Embeds external textures used by materials, environments and decals into the model.

i am saving with this option ticked . the problem is that it does not save all the textures but only those which are not found locally. i explained that i had to workaround it by deleting all local files which rested on the same path as in other pc where i created the file. save as option only saves those which are not found on that path but i need to save all textures no matter if they exist in some original path …


This can not be the case - we can’t save the textures if they are not found locally…because…we can’t find them.

Can you send me a model that you suspect has missing textures? (Files that were not embedded that you thought should have been).

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I may have not been clear. Pictures are opened correctly (because they are stored in the file) on my PC but i want to save all the textures in one folder when save as with “save texture” ticked. I see that 3dm file size is larger when i insert pictures which means that textures are stored in the file which is OK. But Rhino creates that special folder and exports only a few textures from the file, all except the ones it finds locally.

If i send you the file it will create the folder and you will find all the pictures in that folder because none of the textures stored in the file can be found locally in your pc. But in my case, some of them are found locally which results in not all textures saved in the special embedded files folder.

Ok. Now I understand. What problem does this solve?

exported dwg retains paths and instead of all paths referencing to SOLELY one embedded files folder it mixes local paths to textures with paths directing to embedded files folder. If i could export dwg so that all the xrefs are from one folder then it is managable. But this way as it is it is impossible to send dwgs because links in the file are total mess

Hmm…ok. I get that.

RH-63201 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

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