"Embedded" textures annoyance

I have a file that every time I open it, it produces an “_embedded_files” folder with textures in the same directory. I can delete the folder, it keeps reappearing every time I re-open the file.

If I transfer the file to another computer without the support folder, the textures are still there and the folder is recreated. I also tried importing the file into a new Rhino file and saving it under a new name - it still creates the folder, same if I export it. However, if I copy/paste the objects into another file, the textures don’t come with the objects, so somehow they are not really “attached”…

I have other files where the textures are embedded but they don’t create this folder when opened. How do I get the textures saved in the file and stop it from producing the “_embedded_files” folder every time?

Thx, --Mitch

Unpacking the embedded textures to that folder is I guess how it’s set up to work, I guess the renderers don’t know how to access embedded files or something. Which renderer(s) are you using?

I’ve found copy and pasting that sometimes it doesn’t look like the textures come along with the objects, but then on re-opening they are there(because it’s recreated that support folder.) But then sometimes they also don’t, either because of them not being embedded or because of the whole material definition getting messed up, changed from Brazil to basic Rhino materials and/or texture names being lost and replaced with gobbledygook names of internal cache files. It’s all a little messy.

I’m just using the Rhino render in a rendered viewport - not even launching renders.


Hi Mitch,

My guess is that the files that don’t produce the embedded textures folder are still finding the assigned textures at the local address listed for them in the file. Can you check that for me? If textures are embedded and the local address is not found, the embedded textures folder should be created. If you want to totally remove the textures from the file, I would assign a new blank material to all the objects and then use Purge to remove unassigned materials.

It’s possible, most of the objects in the file have standard Rhino library materials applied - and it appears to find them in any installation… even if the path to the materials folder is different, as I have 3 different computers with 3 different usernames and it seems to work on all… The file that produces the embedded folder is one of the few that had an external texture reference.

OTOH, I also have a couple of objects in the file that have something like the following as a texture:

C:\Users\<me>\AppData\Local\Temp\McNeel\RDK\Texture Cache\rdk$0080-0080-5A24423C.png

Trying to embed those textures in the file does not work, no matter what I do, transferring that to another computer, the texture is gone, no folder is created.


Yeah those are textures that it’s lost track of the originals.