Embedded Files question

Just looking for some clarity here. I use a lot of picture planes in my 3D files.

Is the point of the ‘embedded_files folder’ (created when I check ‘save textures’ when saving) similar to an INDD file where you ‘package’ images? Ie, so that if you pass a 3D file to someone else, the embedded picture files are in one place? And, as a result, the 3D file keeps referencing the original picture files in their original location?

I want to go back and downsize all of my picture files and would prefer to not have to hunt for them throughout my computer. However, I do not understand how to direct rhino towards the ‘embedded_files’ folders, as opposed to their original location.

Any clarity regarding this will be much appreciated.

If you checked “Save textures” when you saved the file, the images are indeed stored in the Rhino file. Thus, it is not necessary for you to re-direct Rhino to the ‘embedded files’ folder. If for some reason this folder does not exist - for example, the file is copied to another machine where it is opened (without the embedded files folder being copied over) - Rhino will automatically recreate the ‘embedded files’ folder on the new machine.

If “save textures” is not checked, than the images will not be stored in the file and will not be available if the file is transferred somewhere else. In that case you will need to manually re-link all of them as far as I know.

I think the problem is, if you want to modify the textures, modifying the ones in the embedded files folder does not help, on the computer that has the originals. At least I think that is the issue… I think.


If you run RefreshAllTextures afterwards?

I think the original paths are kept - I need to test, but it seems to me the embedded files folder is only used if the originals cannot be found.


Sorry for being unclear. Yes - I want to modify the textures to make them smaller. I’d like to keep the originals… original (ie, not downsized).

Ideally I just want to modify the ones in the embedded_files folder.

If I can’t do that, what is the point of the embedded_files folder? (genuine question, not meant to be read sarcastically)

The folder is probably not needed most of the time on the originating computer - it is mostly there for sending to other machines that do not have the textures available, or not in the same locations. It may be useful on the originating computer if some of the textures are moved or deleted.