Can't get rhino to create an embedded textures folder

I am trying to share a rhino 6 file with someone on another computer. When they open the file the textures are missing (because they are saved locally to my computer I think). I have tried saving the file with the ‘save textures’ tick box on, however no embedded textures folder is created when i do this. I don’t have any search paths saved in the Document Properties either. Please can someone help me find a way to force rhino to create an embedded textures folder or to batch save all the textures to a chosen folder?


Hello - try SaveAs to a new name with textures saved - does that work?


Hi Pascal, thanks for your quick response. I have tried that but it does not work. My computer just never seems to create the embedded texture file with any rhino files.

Hello- it will not make anything on your computer, it should on a computer where the file is opened and the textures do not already exist.


But the textures are missing when I open the file on another computer, and I cannot re link the textures because they are saved on my computer.

Rhino can embed the textures inside the 3dm file.
I think only the OBJ file format used a separate folder for textures.

If the textures used in the model are in the same folder as the 3dm, Rhino will find them embedded or not.

Hi John, thanks for you response. I just exported it as an OBJ and it saved all the textures in that folder which is a good workaround! I can now share that folder with the rhino file. Thanks!

To use them you either need to browse into that folder to find the materials, or copy then contents into the same folder as the 3dm.

Does that make sense?

Yes thanks. It just will take a very long time to copy each of the textures from the different locations into a folder. But the OBJ export worked a dream so thank you for the help.

Annoyingly in the materials tab it is possible to ‘save to file’ with a single texture but not with multiple, so it would be useful to allow this.