Save Small - File Save Error


I’ve just opened a small assembly of parts to be attached in a worksession and hit Save Small, but it throws up a File Save Error window stating it is in read only mode and must use SaveAs to save changes. It was originally a 3dm file and was not open elsewhere.

I then just go to save normally and it again opens the Save window as if it hasn’t been saved before. If I go to save the file and over-write it, it again says I can’t as the file is in Read Only mode. I have to save it as something else. Any thoughts on this?

Using 6.4.18093 Win7

Do the files reside on a network location?

Yes they do.
I’ve used the Save Small a fair bit (with network files) and not had this issue before.

I run into similar problem also regularly. I have now created a separate YouTrack item for this: RH-45442

It’s happened again with a different file. So I saved it as something else then saved it as the original file and it saved fine.

I’m now wondering if this is related to the Win7 update KB4088875 that has been rather buggy. See this thread which explains the issue with the Win update effecting networks

What does “Save Small” mean, anyway? I never noticed the option in R5, though I see now that it’s there too.

I’m also baffled by the file “Save As” dialog opening when I click “Save” on an existing file? Apparently because it was R5 (as are ALL my existing/old Rhino files) and I’ve modified it using R6, it is “suggesting” that I use “Save As” instead of “Save” to give me the chance to… uh…??? So I save it as R5 and get this:


When I click ‘Help’, I get this page, which gives me no clue about whether or not I’m actually losing anything specific to R6 in this file?

For now, I’d like to keep my Rhino files in R5 format so a friend can view them but it looks like I need to save two copies every time, one R5 and one R6? After saving as R5 (but not R6), I try to open a different Rhino file and am prompted again! Insisting, I guess, that it won’t be happy until I save it as R6 and strongly suggesting that I’ll regret it if I don’t?


Finally, I see a new checkbox (checked) in the save dialog box: “Save plugin data”. What happens if it’s not checked?

R6 might be unequivocally great for anyone who starts with it, but for those who have a collection of R5 models and/or work with others who have no plans to upgrade, the transition to R6 has been brutal so far.

Hello - it means the file is saved without render meshes, which can bloat the file size on disk. These will be regenerated as needed when the file is opened.

If you save from V6 as V5, then the saved file is not a V6 file, hence the prompt to save again. You do not need to, but of course some fancy V6 stuff cannot be saved to V5 format.


Thank you. Too bad there isn’t any in context ‘Help’ link to explain the dazzling assortment of options.

As to R5 vs. R6, I was hoping for an indication as to whether or not I’ve used any of that “fancy V6 stuff” that will be lost by saving it as R5? Apparently my only safe way forward is to freeze and archive the ~300 R5 files I have (~3 GB) and save any changes as R6 in a different folder. Then when I want my R5 friend to see a file, I must save a special R5 version for him in yet another folder).

Now I’m seeing a new mystery. After saving my changes as R6, I try to open a different file but the open dialog is showing me only *.3dmbak files!?!? How did that happen? I can change the pulldown to see *.3dm files but my head is spinning from the disorientation created by so many WTF moments in R6!