File > Save Small crashing Rhino

getting a crash after trying to save small. it even makes Rhino throw an error when reopening.

You just have to select “Save Small” from the file menu.

It appears that selecting the “Save Small” box in “Export” does not cause the crash.

Hello - so far at least I cannot repeat the crash here in the latest.Are you saving to a local disk?


I can’t repeat it here either.

yes and running the latest release today.

sorry i don’t know how to resize images here.


After the pipe is the resolution of the image on the forum, change that, i.e.


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can you resize by just one dimension so it keeps it’s ratio? thanks for the tip.

edit: nvm, since you can open it full size from the resized thumbnail, this is a pointless question :wink:

ok, it seems to be because I’m opening a V5 file and then trying to save small?

i created a V6 file and it works.
I open a V5 file and went straight to save small. Crash
I open a V5 file, saved it, then save small. Works

Got that, thanks!