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Hello, is there any way how to save my custom panel layout?

Rhino, Grasshopper and V-Ray are quite a volatile mix, so I’m quite annoyed having to drag it all back to my preferred position by hand every time it resets to default.

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Hi Jonas -

The system is being rewritten to make this more predictable in Rhino 8.


Thanks, Wim!

@Jonish you are not alone. There are tons of discussions on here already about the same topic for many years now, like:

Those were just a very quick search.

I think every single Rhino user has struggled with this at some point. Most of us have resigned to the fact that it has been broken since forever.

Let’s hope it gets fixed at some point and actually works. I have given up customizing my UI, since there will always come a point where I simply loose all the work that has gone into customizing.


Hello Armin, same here, I have given up and maybe Rhino is the reason why I give up on customizing any software I use. I just open and close various tabs on the right side, which can still be very annoying when deadline is near.

From the topics you posted I tried this.


Nov '18

Rhino only saves toolbar changes automatically on a normal exit, so if you crash without saving, your changes are lost. You can manually force a save of your workspace via Options > Toolbars, File menu > Save. When you get arranged as you want, save it - preferably with a name other than “Default”. If you crash after that, Rhino will still open with the last saved layout.

Puts my rightside tabs back how I want them. And breaks the top horizontal toolbars, which normally break very rarely. :smiley:

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+1 if it was possible to import/export all custom settings (reliably) between Rhino installs that would be awesome

Saving the Panel layout would be a great feature!

Did it make it into Rhino 8?



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