WISH: toolbar/panel position saved to configuration files and not the 3dm file

I recently had to re-install windows also install Rhino on other machine and I faced this (I consider a quite annoying) issue.

I import my settings and toolbars, that’s all good, but they are just dumped on the UI without keeping the arrangement. Also settings like Gumball/Ortho/Planar/Grid/ sub-object filter ON/OFF is not saved anywhere unless you save a 3dm file. I believe also the viewports has to be saved to a file in order to save the arrangment and configuration.

I think all this must be part of the config files and make this process much easier upon new-installs.


The location of toolbars and dialogs are not part of the import/export tools.
These are established and stored in XML files unique to that Rhino installation. They are not stored in the document.

Once imported and arranged when you close Rhino, they are saved to these XML files and read again when Rhino is opened.

If you have multiple Rhino instances running, the last one you close will overwrite the settings of the other instances that were closed before.

Thanks for the reply @John_Brock,

Any particular reason why these settings are not part of the import/export of the settings. This is as important as the other settings. Also, this way if you mess these accidently upon exiting Rhino you won’t have to deal with re-arrangement.

I believe because the chances of the next Windows system on the importing end being similar in number of monitors, resolution, etc. are very low.
Export/Import are the tools themselves.
The arrangement is local.

I disagree, I want exactly the same configuration on all devices. I am sure others do too. Location of panels and toolbars should be at the same places also the sub-object filter enabled and positioned appropriately, the mesh properties too should be exported and read from these files and not stored in 3dms.

It is all about the UX and muscle memory. If one element is off your working speed is reduced and you end up searching and configuring after every new installation.