Same texture used on all UV mapped surfaces

I have an object with multiple surfaces. I want to UV map different image files onto each surface. When I load new images they get mapped onto ALL the surfaces. When I select a different surface and change the image, the image again gets used on all surfaces. ARG.

What do I need to do to make Rhino use different images on different surfaces? I’ve looked but can’t find the magic button or setting to let me use different images for each UV mapped surface.

Not sure if I explained right. See if I can break it down.

  1. I have a soccer ball model, representing the Earth.
  2. It is made up of a series of Hexagon and Pentagon surfaces.
  3. I want each surface to have a different part of the Earth UV mapped onto it.
  4. I unwrap each surface (32 in all) and go into UV Editor.
  5. I load the image for that surface and after some juggling with the UV rectangle I get them lined up.
  6. I go to the next surface, repeat the earlier steps and lo and behold, the new image I just loaded gets mapped onto ALL the surfaces,
  7. I select different image, same thing.

I’ve tried channels, different mapping methods, no matter what I do, I can’t get each surface to get its own image. It just keeps duplicating things, the manual isn’t very helpful it only covers the basic things, and I am not sure how channels are supposed to help, it seems like they should be able to each have its own image, and when I change the channel it should change the displayed images… I cannot figure out how to link each image to a channel or if I am supposed to.

Please tell me I am missing something simple in the whole process.

PS, also when I hit apply in the uv editor NO images are displayed on my surfaces, is that right?


textures are usually applied through materials. If you want different textures for each individual Hexagon or Pentagon, each needs a unique material. (Asuming that those are individual objects).

By default, material (texture assignments) are shown in the Rendered display mode. Does that help ?


Ahhhhhh! That explains it… thank you very much!

Refresh this topic.
I wanted to do what fellow Ronald_Stepp.
I have a model of the ball and create something like this:

So that each element can then print ready.
But I have problem.

1/ I have model

2/ I Join surfaces.
3/ As I put the texture is nothing rips me so why do it?

Can you help?

Hi Maciej,

i guess you will need to assign a spherical texture mapping to your object. Then to unwrap the faces, you might just create a mesh from the object, explode it into its hexagon and pentagon faces and align all to the cplane. The _Squish command can be used for the unwrapping, but since all faces are planar, manual aligning should be equal.


Hi Maciej - isn’t this about the same problem as

with the sphere split up differently? You’d still need to apply a spherical mapping to the overall object to get the texture to sit right - or am I misunderstanding the problem?