Texture multiple objects with the same picture

I would like to texture a surface, chop it up but maintain the full picture… (See attached image; The middle one is the result I am after.

If I use the texture feature, all the parts become different? I can however use the PictureFrame, but the it’s more tricky to play with afterwards. And I can’t control for instance reflection.

Is there a way around this? What is it that I don’t understand.
Ps. I’m a rookie, so be gentle.

In Rhino for Mac 5 you’ll need to use a planar mapping method for the texture within the applied material. First from the Window drop down menu>Active Tool Palettes>choose the Texture Mapping tool palette so it’s floating. These are ways in which an image texture in an assigned material can be wrapped onto a model. You’ll need to create a material with the image texture in it so use the command MaterialEditor and make a new model material. In it’s color channel add your image. The tricky part is getting the aspect ratio right for this planar projection. So make a PIctureFrame which won’t skew the image and use it’s corner Osnaps for the next step. The Texture Mapping tool palette has a planar mapping option. Use that icon and select your objects. When prompted for the corner points of the plane use your PictureFrame’s end points. This will keep the image aspect correct for the planar mapping method. Enter through any other options when setting the planar mapping method in the Top view. Next, assign your material with the texture map in the color channel to the separate objects.

This will get easier in the future as Mac Rhino gets more tools from the Windows version in this area.

Some other tips… MappingWidget will turn on the planar mapping widget to position or scale2D this projection. MappingWidgetOff turns it off. Also keep in mind that you actually created several mappings one for each object so select them all when moving them.